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Next Generation of Biosecurity

This product is a dual system named “Be Seen Be Safe” and “Farm Health Monitor” which are free apps for your smartphone utilizing Geofence Technology and Syndromic Surveillance.

Here’s how they work:

Part 1Be Seen Be Safe 

1. Geofences are established around each of your farms oreven each of your barns.
Utilizing Satellites
Utilizing Satellites

These fences are a virtual boundary utilizing satellites to map the boundaries of the farm or barn.
2. Each Farm owner, manager, feed truck driver, service tech, or anyone else coming to the farm must download the app for free to their smart phone.
3. Each time the user crosses the geofence, it registers the user having entered or exited the property. It automatically creates a record of all visitors to the property.
4. This data is kept in a secure database for 2 years.
5. During a disease outbreak, the visitor records of the affected properties are used to develop a spatial map of the potential movement of the disease based on visitor activity, livestock movement, wind speed and wind direction.

The system uses this information to generate 2 lists:
            a. Potentially infected properties
            b. Service providers who could have had contact with the pathogen.

6. The property owners and service providers are immediately notified so enhanced biosecurity measures can be implemented.

Part 2
Farm Health Monitor

Farm Health Monitor
1. Enables monitoring of disease symptoms or confirmed disease spread in real time
2. System can be utilized by both Service Techs and Vets.
3. Veterinarian can select disease if they are sure of diagnosis or Service Techs may only report symptoms
4. Using drop boxes,  info is sent directly from the disease location.
            a. Screen 1 – Select species
            b. Screen 2 – Describe symptoms, Record number and % affected
            c. Screen 3 – Select Disease or too early to tell (vets only)
            d. Suspect or confirmed and submit (vets only)
            e. Receive validation screen, hit enter – report uploaded.

5. Instant symptom reporting onto regional map
6. Map carries direct anonymous link/connection to reporting veterinarian/service tech
7. Opportunity to network “like sector” animal health professionals or partners